411 on PPM

hand showing arbitron PPM device“Newsflash: commercials aren’t CUME builders.” Gary Marince, Arbitron

Arbitron recently looked at the top talk stations in the country and found they average an 8.7% daily CUME, an average of 5.8 daily occasions, and a per occasion TSL of 10 minutes.

Top sports stations average 7.3% daily CUME, an average of 5.6 occasions, and a per occasion TSL of 10 minutes.

The results continue to show that efforts to attract new listeners or extend listening from 10 minutes per occasion to longer is actually more challenging and less impactful than increasing the listener occasions per day. Specific time tune-ins and event programming are key to continued success in PPM.

Bad News: When looking at FM band exclusivity among M18+ it has risen the past three years from 58.8% to 61%. That means for a male-focused format at the AM band, on average, you eliminate 2/3 of your potential audience before you open your mic because they never switch from the FM to AM band.

Vulnerability: Transitions are the most vulnerable time of your day; when a host goes from one topic to the next, goes to spots, returns from spots or one show ends and another begins. Programmers and talent need to work together to focus on making these transitions smoothly, quickly and without much fanfare.

Brand: When radio thinks of its brand, we often think of our product. We should think of brand as the relationship we have with our audience. What are you doing to impact or improve their lives? What can they count on you for? Do they think of  you when they aren’t listening to the radio?

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