Be An Owner

It doesn’t really matter if you are the GM, PD, GSM, LSM, APD, or director of coffee — everyone at your radio station should take ownership of it. What’s that mean? Well, great owners are courageous, passionate, focused, respectable, personable, committed, positive, organized and responsible. Help out. Be a part of the solution and inspire the people around you to be better tomorrow than they are today. Are you an owner of your radio station?

1. Courageous Make bold decisions. Don’t wait for a memo from the corner office. Be proactive and get things done. 

2. Passionate You are a leader. Your enthusiasm for the product will permeate the staff, clients and fans.

3. Focused Are you participating in meetings and conversations or checking your iPhone and thinking about your next meeting? Be in each moment and focus on what’s in front of you.

4. Respectable Your reputation is the station’s reputation. Make sure you are beyond reproach.

5. Personable Do you know the names of everyone on staff? Clients? The promo team supporting your events? Do you ask about  people’s families? Are you engaged with employees on a human level at all? People like to talk about themselves. Ask, listen and  you’ll be amazed at what you learn.

6. Positivity Your staff, clients and listeners are always looking for positive signs. You need to be waving the radio station’s flag. Recognize accomplishments, even small ones, and take time to celebrate.

7. Committed Be present. Walk the halls. Show up on weekends. Work late. Take action on employee issues/concerns. Show everyone how committed you are through actions.

8. Organized Don’t let piles of papers stack up on your desk. Develop a system. Know where to find things. Keep your calendar updated so you are on time to everything.

9. Responsible The buck stops with you. Share credit, but take the blame. Own up to mistakes. Apologize when necessary. Take appropriate action. Deliver the tough message.

You are an owner of your station. What kind of owner are you going to be?

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