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Now What? Seize the Moment

For news-talkers, today is a new beginning and not the end of a political season. Now is the time that you begin to track WHAT the newly elected are doing with their newfound power. What bills are they voting for and against? What committees are they sitting on and what are they discussing? What strides are they making towards fulfilling their campaign promises? The voters have spoken. Now it’s up to you to keep the constituents informed on how and what their candidates are doing. You can and should own this. There are only two years until the Presidential Election. Use this time as a platform to solidify your position as the watch dog, an advocate for your listeners, the guy or gal who knows what’s going on. Make it your business to know which politicians are working for the people and making a difference and which are wasting time and money. This is a golden opportunity; Do your homework, make connections,  get to know the lawmakers and seize the moment.

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