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Make a Difference With Commercials

Watch this two-minute commercial Conan did for American Express

If Conan was a radio talk host this would be two-minutes of him ad-libbing, live,  about how he uses American Express and so should you, because with 4.95% interest rate and a low annual fee, no card cares more about you than American Express, blah, blah, blah. This is the kind of ineffective advertising we all hear on radio every day.

Radio needs to surprise its fans and clients a lot more. What happened to the innovation, creativity, clever copy writing and story telling? Let this inspire you to try something new. Be different. Stand out of the crowd. Pay attention to the details. How cool would it be tell your clients that the spot you did for them was so clever, funny, creative, entertaining, and impactful that it’s a trending topic on twitter? Oh, and as an added bonus, more entertaining commercials leads to increased time spent listening.

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