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Rivalry Saturday: Making Someting Out of Nothing

So, today is rivalry Saturday. What makes this day so special? It’s not that USC and Notre Dame are battling for anything, but self-respect. Ohio State isn’t really worried about Michigan, other than it’s another game they have to play before claiming yet another Big Ten title. The second longest rivalry in college football features 3-8 Kansas vs. 9-2 Missouri. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, Virginia and Virginia Tech, Florida and Florida State; these aren’t good games or evenly matched. So, why do we care so much? Because of the history, tradition, a sense of urgency, the story lines we’ve created and because we’ve named it.

Yes, we’ve done a great job of making something out of nothing.

So what would happen if you, as a talk show host or programmer, decided to treat every game like a rivalry? Find the story lines, find out the history, create a sense of urgency, make the game relevant to the listener even if it’s not relevant in the tradition sense of going for a title and name it? What if everyone tried a little harder to make bad match ups more interesting instead of complaining openly how poor the match-up is?

Somewhere along the line, some one had to that for these games. Look at each day, each game as an opportunity for YOU to entertain, even if the game doesn’t.

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