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How Getting a New Job is Like Dating a Millionaire

My wife sometimes likes to watch mindless TV to wind down after a day. There are few shows more mindless than Millionaire Matchmaker, but occasionally you do find good advice where you least expect it.

Patty Stanger, “The Millionaire Matchmaker,”insists that her clients create a list of five non-negotiables for a potential mate. It may be that they must love kids, or sailing, or are vegan. Whatever.

This is, however, an excellent exercise for you to do as you begin a job search. Don’t apply for any old job, because it’s better than the one you have. Figure out what is important to you. It may be more sunshine than rain, it could be you want to be able to ride your bike to work, your spouse may not be able to find work in certain parts of the country because of what they do. Ok, eliminate the cities and states that don’t fit into your non-negotiables and start from there.

Your non-negotiable may be more about the job itself; you want to work for a certain company, in a specific role (host vs. anchor, PD vs. GM) or you want to be at an established station with a history in the format.

The key is to figure out what is important to you and your family’s happiness. Over the years, I’ve offered jobs to dozens of  people and I can’t remember how many times, after completing the whole interview process, flying them to the city I was in at the time and negotiating salary, the offer was rejected because the spouse didn’t want to move — not to this specific city, but anywhere. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and have those conversations before you begin looking for new work.

Do not just do this in your head. Get out a piece of paper and write down your non-negotiables. If the job you are considering doesn’t meet ALL of the non-negotiables, don’t bother applying.

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