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Um, Uh, I Mean… Is This Great Audio?

Over the years, I’ve worked with producers, programmers and top production folks in the biz. Based on our insights and opinions I present some of the qualities of a great soundbyte Please feel free to add to this list.

  • Adds emotion, color, reaction, humor, or shock to a story or topic
  • Audio quality is clear and crisp  
  • Gets right to the point
  • Tells us something we don’t already know; incites or informs
  • Should be a strong, succinct opinion that feels exclusive to radio (Though clichés are the norm amongst athletes, it is our duty to ask questions that elicit responses that educates the listener)
  • Is compelling, interesting
  • Should support or advance a story or topic
  • Is between :05 and :15 though can be shorter or longer on occasion. (if longer… shorter versions should be made to accommodate sports updates)
  • It should end when the subject begins to change.
  • Start the byte at the point where whoever is talking starts speaking without the saying “um, uh, oh, etc.”
  • Any ums, ahhs, or oh’s in the byte should be cut out, as long as it still sounds natural, also any gaps where the speaker is gathering their thoughts should be cut out as well as long as it doesn’t change context
  • The end of the byte should come right after the point is established
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