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Your Station is a Restaurant. Would You Eat There?

Everyday I get questions from hosts and programmers about “how important” certain elements are in the overall scheme of a show or station.

For example,

– Is the bumper music that we choose really that important?

– Is it important what my Legal ID sounds like?

– Why is it important to talk about the things everybody else is talking about? I want to talk boxing/MMA/bocce/soccer.

– Is important to tell people repeatedly who I am? If they’re listening don’t they know?

– How important is it for a local show to talk about local sports, I think people are more interested in national stories?

Simply stated – it’s all important. Think of your station or show as if it’s a restaurant. When you go to a restaurant there are many details that are important, but you wouldn’t qualify them as important unless they weren’t addressed properly. You notice everything from the moment you arrive until you leave; How you are greeted, that you are seated promptly at a freshly set table, the flowers aren’t dying, the carpet is clean, the music and lighting, the consistency of the menu and whether it’s easy to read, how attentive is the wait staff?, and on and on and on. If the food was excellent, but the carpet was dirty, the waiter was rude and the table was littered with crumbs and old napkins when you were seated – how much would those “details” impact your experience?

In radio, everything you do or don’t do influences the listeners experience and ultimately impacts ratings and revenue. Everything counts. Every choice you make — production, formatics, show prep, topic selection, imaging and every word you say — helps to shape the listeners experience and informs them who you are and what you’re all about. Sweat the small stuff. Make decisions for your shows and station that appeal to the largest cross-section of your audience and make their experience with your station Zagat worthy.

  1. January 10, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    Great analogy that hits home when I think of the restaurant experiences I’ve had. I often wondered whether I worried too much about small things, but good to get that reinforcement that I am not just a worry wart.

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