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Is This The Best You’ve Got?

“A diamond is a chunk of coal

that made good under pressure.”

– Anonymous

Every day whether you are a producer, a talent, a board op, recording a podcast, or editing audio – ask yourself these important questions…

1. Is this the best we’ve got?

2. Would I listen to this?

3. Is this relevant?

4. Are we playing the hits?

5. Is there a better, different, more impactful way to do this?

6. Does this live up to the Mission and Brand of my company?

If the answer is, “no” – what are you doing to change it, make it better, evolve it, and own it?

“It’s the little details that are vital.

Little things make big things happen.”

John Wooden

When I come across smart, successful people have can contribute to our conversation, I enjoy passing along their thoughts. Radio consultant Valerie Geller wrote the book “Principles of Creating Powerful Radio.” Her principles are worth reviewing…

 · Tell the truth.

· Make it matter.

· Never be boring.

· Speak visually, in terms listeners can picture.

· Start with your best material.

· Story tell powerfully.

· Listen to your station but also check out other media – know what’s out there and what the audience is listening to and how they get their information and entertainment!

· Ask: Why would someone want to listen to this?

· Talk to the individual. Use “You.”

· Do engaging transitions & handoffs.

· Promote, brag about your stuff (and other people’s stuff!)

· Stay curious, relax, and allow the humor to happen.

· Be who you are on the radio.

· Take risks, dare to be great.

I love those principles. Use these as a guideline as you go about your daily tasks. Every day, whether it’s the NFL Playoffs or the dog days of summer, make certain you are passionate, relevant, interesting, engaging, curious, entertaining, informative, impactful, telling stories, teasing, taking risks, being creative, driving for results, doing everything it takes to make remarkable radio, acting with urgency, thinking differently and having fun. These are the things that separate good from great.

 “Success is dependent on effort.”


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