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What Sports Talk Hosts Can Learn From Kobe Bryant

When it comes to winning a championship Kobe Bryant knows a thing or two or five. And after listening to him today, on 710 ESPN’s Mason & Ireland Show in Los Angeles, I believe Kobe can help talk show hosts be better too.

Kobe talked about how the basketball season is an evolution.

“It’s about getting better,” said Kobe.

He sees each game as another part of the journey. Tomorrow night, Kobe and the Lakers are in Boston to  see if they can do any better than they did 10 days ago when the Celtics beat them 109-96.

“It’s a gauge; what areas have we improved and what areas have we slipped? It’s always a gauge. You have to check your compass everyone once in a while.”

Kobe is also constantly thinking about the little details. When asked what one thing the team needed to improve on between now and the playoffs, Kobe couldn’t narrow it down.

“There’s like 20 things. All of them are important; defensive rotations, offensive execution, rebounding patterns, the list goes on and on in my head. There are three things; defending, field goal percentage and not turn the ball over. Whoever does that best will be champion.”

What sticks out to me is that at the highest levels of pro sports, players and teams continue to challenge themselves to be great. Kobe Bryant is regularly analyzing his play, focusing on the details and looking to improve every game.

How many radio hosts do this? Are you?

–          When was the last time you gauged your progress or checked your compass?

–          Are you getting critical feedback or conducting critical self evaluations following each show?

–          Are you regularly applying new strategy, skills or techniques when hosting?

–          Do you consider your show a static element or an evolution?

–          Do you recognize and address the details of your show?

I know from experience on both sides of the mic that these things don’t happen nearly as much as they could or should. Kobe is a proven winner; a champion and future hall-of-famer. And he still wants to be better, still gauges his performance from game to game to game, and still sweats the small stuff.

Seems like a good game plan whether you’re on the court or behind the microphone.

Listen to 710 ESPN’s Mason & Ireland with Kobe Bryant here.

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