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“Life is good” – A Radio Threat or Opportunity?

The Life is good Company – known for t-shirts and hats that spread the power of optimism – is extending its brand through radio. Unfortunately, Life is good is not buying radio advertising, but instead creating its’ own radio station.

Life is good radio can be found on the Life is good homepage (www.lifeisgood.com) and heard in Life is good company-owned retail locations. The programming will be eclectic, stemming from a variety of genres and era and specifically selected to reflect the company’s positive outlook. Users will also be able to download tracks from the Life is good playlist directly from Amazon and iTunes.  

So why can’t your radio station create a unique stream of content exclusively for one of your advertisers reflecting the advertisers brand and values?  It can. Think of the promotional opportunities, the in-store exposure, and the client satisfaction.

Why is Life is good doing this?

“Our mission has always been to spread the power of optimism,” said Bert Jacobs, Chief Executive Optimist of Life is good. “Nothing does that like great music. Life is good Radio is another way for us to bring good people together.”

The company also discovered it had a huge following of music lovers who were willing to rally behind a cause when it held a two-day, live music festival last summer; it brought 25,000 fans together in Boston with acts like Jason Mraz, Ben Harper and Ziggy Marley and raised over $724,000 for The Life is good Kids Foundation.  Organizers are already planning the 2011 Life is good festival, where live performances will be recorded and played exclusively on Life is good radio.

So I ask again, do you see Life is good radio as a threat or an opportunity?

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