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Play by Play: What’s the Score?

One of the most common questions I receive from aspiring play-by-play announcers is, “How often should I give the score?”

The short answer is, “as often as you can.”

In an interview with Larry Gifford Media, Ohio State football and basketball play-by-play guy Paul Keels makes it clear.

“When it comes to radio you can never tell the score, and the time and location too much. There’s old stories about Red Barber and egg timer and things like that, but really what we try to do is make sure we set down and distance once if not twice, give the formation of receivers whether they are right and left, what kind of formation the running backs are in, but also be mindful the time and score is most important thing.”

Lakers radio voice Spero Dedes agrees.

“For sure after every made basket obviously you want to give the score. I think after every possession change you certainly want to give the score. Also when a team has a possession and they gain an offensive rebound and kind of reset for a new possession I try to give the score as well. I don’t think you can give enough, I really don’t.”

Why so much? Keels explains.

“Because when people are listening on radio, a lot of times they are listening while driving, they listening while doing one thing or another and so the focus is not always focused in on everything that comes out. You just try to point out those elements as much as possible. Sometimes we hear complaints that you give the score and time too much. Well, the reply is you know what the score and time are so you’d much rather over do it that way than under do it the other way.”

Paul Keels Interview Podcast 20 minutes

Spero Dedes Podcast Interview 24 minutes

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