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Where’s Radio Going Next? London.

nextradioSo, I’m headed to London, England in September for the Next Radio conference. Why? Because I’m really interested in what’s happening to radio around the world, I want to meet new people, hear voices and messages that are different than what I’ve been hearing, and just as social media has helped to make the world a smaller, more intimate space – I believe radio can do the same.

I’m not going there instead of (enter your favorite U.S. radio conference), I’m going there for different perspective, different experiences, and to force myself out of my comfort zone. Lucky for me, it’s also a country that enjoys a good pint, so I should be able to make friends. If you’re planning to be there drop me a line.

Here’s a list of others who’ll be there that’s just been released.

Sharon Green from Radio Results International will talk about creating a ‘love mark’ out of your radio station brand

Gerry Jackson shares her experiences running a radio station in Zimbabwe

Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd tells us why you shouldn’t underestimate your listeners

The RAB’s Simon Redican and Mark Barber give us the bigger picture of radio’s digital opportunities

Rob Blackie from Blue State Digital – the folks that did the digital activity for Obama’s presidential campaign – on what they learned about word of mouth marketing and ‘big data’

UK Radioplayer MD Michael Hill shows us how the Radioplayer is evolving

John Simons, currently Real & Smooth Group PD, shows how to give your breakfast show a ten-point health check

The editor of new community website N14.net tells us how to be part of your community

John Shorter from Hallett Arendt tells us how people really listen to the radio

Steve Martin from BBC Global News brings us ideas from radio in Africa

TeamRock’s CEO Billy Anderson lifts the lid on the UK’s rock radio station

Matt Deegan from Folder Media shares a new, innovative idea

Nick Garnett from BBC Radio 5 Live shows us how to broadcast from anywhere

Twitter’s Bruce Daisley talks about innovation and what drives us

From MBMI, Paige Nienaber tells us to “Seize The Carp” when it comes to sounding topical

Camilla Wahlman from Swedish Radio‘s P4 Jämtland discusses how to get listeners involved in making your news more local

Capital FM Yorkshire‘s Simon Hirst tells us how to be creative and shares some great audio

Peter Niegel from Denmark Radio knows how to make sure your listeners don’t get bored

Sam Bailey and Philippa Aylott from the BBC talk about digital coverage of big events like Glastonbury

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