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The Future of Radio with Kevin Spacey

There have been so many great radio conferences this year focusing on the future of our industry; Dash, Hivio and NextRadio to name a few. (Both Hivio and NextRadio have free videos of sessions to watch and share if interested.) The future – the idea of what’s next? and what’s to come? – is a fascinating topic to me. Which is why a speech by Oscar winner Kevin Spacey at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival caught my eye and ear. Use your imagination and watch this speech replacing references to television with radio.



“Kids aren’t growing up that TV (radio) is the aspirational place to be.”

“Culture is not a luxury item, it’s a necessity”

(consumers want) “…a multi-layer story with complex characters that plays out over the course of time.”

“The audience wants the control. The freedom. They want to binge.”

“Give people what they want, when they want it, how they want it, at a reasonable price.”

We all want the same things…“Quality, artistic freedom, to be innovative, to make money.”

“Challenge: Can we create an environment where executives are emboldened and empowered to support the creative.”

“We need to surprise. Break boundaries. Take viewers to new places.”

“Put talent at the center of everything we do.”

“Patience. A much overlooked quality.”

“Shows should be treated as assets and protected.”

“It requires guts to stick with a show when the numbers don’t come.”

“The more we try things the more we learn. The more doors open creativity and business wise”

“Myth: Nobody knows anything…that making good programming is just a crap shoot. Frankly, that’s just Bullshit! We do know how this works. And it’s always been about empowering artists. It’s always been about total abandon. The only thing we don’t know is why it’s so hard to find the executives with the fortitude, the wisdom and the balls to do it.”

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