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Radio Stuff: Radio News Quiz!

Radio News Quiz 1This week on the  Radio Stuff Podcast I added a new feature “The Radio News Quiz.” 10 questions related to radio news stories this week. Here are the questions. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for the answers or click on the links.

Good Luck!

1. In Nashville, 104.5 The Zone host Clay Travis quit amid contract negotiations this week saying, “I thank Cumulus for one thing. They made my decision to leave incredibly easy.” What did the company do? (A: Here

2. 60-year old broadcaster Hank Bauer was suspended for one game by Clear Channel for using a jewish stereotype during a broadcast. How many seasons has he been the radio analyst for the Chargers? 6, 10 or 16 years? (A: here)

3. What deceased radio star did Howard Stern call out in the ALS Bucket Challenge? (A: here)

4. Pandora just released an app for what device allowing you to program stations with your voice? (A: here)

5. What legendary Philadelphia radio presenter and former member of the 50’s singing group “The Dreamers” died this week? (A: here)

6. In Los Angeles, KFWB flipped to Sports this week. When the station debuted in 1925 what did the call letters KFWB unofficially stand for? (A: here)

7. What syndicated radio host was noticeably absent from this week’s EMMY Red Carpet coverage? (A: here)

8.  What BBC Radio 1 host will appear on the new BBC TV Ballroom Dancing Series “Strickly Come Dancing?” (A: here)

9. What San Francisco Talk Host announced this week he has Parkinson’s Disease? (A: here)

10. A Dutch radio show on SLAM FM gives away a full year of tuition to college for listeners who do outrageous stunts. What did listener Sabine decide to do this week that made news?  (A: here


Correct Answers

1-2 : Reading news was never your thing

3-5 : Test taking is an issue

6-8 : Nicely done

9-10 : Show off

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