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ESPN Had No Reason To Back Cowherd

Radio is a business. I know it’s our passion, our love, our siren song and our muse, but it’s also a business, which is why ESPN did the right thing in jettisoning Colin Cowherd. It’s not what they would have always done. However, when media companies know a talent is a “short timer,” they are much less risk adverse. What’s in it for ESPN to protect Cowherd now when they know he’s out-the-door and off to the competition in 30 days? Nothing, but a damaged relationship with MLB, MLBPA and every Dominican everywhere. 

I was Colin’s manager for a spell. Blogs and fan sites weren’t well respected back then and Cowherd directed his listeners to flood several sites with the intention of shutting it down. It was petty retribution for a stories that criticized The Herd for stealing angles without attribution. The backlash was severe from internal and external fans of these sites and sites like them. Cowherd offered a Mia culpa, learned a tough lesson and it was behind us. He had full support of the network, because he was new and seen as future star. Without the promise of what may come, there’s no real reason for ESPN to shield him now. 

As a former manager and colleague it disheartens me to see Cowherd and ESPN part ways so abruptly and on bad terms. He did great work. He made most fans forget Kornheiser ever had a show on ESPN Radio, which seemed an impossible feat when he started. And he is a great talent. Love him or hate him he stirs something inside you which is the goal of any talk personality

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