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Three Things I Learned Today

These are three things I learned today after listening to radio and podcasts for 12 straight hours.

  1. Edit yourself. Be careful not to overshare in an awkward way. Be careful not to dominate an interview. And don’t be afraid to edit bits, edit interviews, edit comedy, edit banter…
  2. Don’t edit detail. When you tell me something is “completely destroyed” I can’t picture that. In an attempt to conserve words, you’ve drained your sentence of any sensory triggers. Whether you are reporting from a scene or telling a story take me there. Help me see it, taste it, hear it, smell it, and feel it.
  3. Fake chatter feels fake. When co-workers greet each other on the air and banter back and forth it is awkward and feels insincere. Avoid it at all cost.

Man: Hi!

Woman: Hello!

Man: How are you?

Woman: I’m great! How are you?

Man: Oh, I’m okay. (ha ha ha!) So what do you have?

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