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I Want to Tell You…

I want to tell you about five little words, that when used genuinely, can be a dynamite weapon on radio. The five words are:

“I want to tell you…”

It’s a phrase that signals to the listener that you are thinking about them. It adds intimacy and instantly connects you, one-on-one, to each listener

The listener perceives you personally offering them something of value. It makes you a social influencer. A sharer.

“I want to tell you…” is as powerful of an introduction to a story as “Once upon a time…” It alerts them that what you have to say is worth leaning in for or turning up the radio. It focuses their attention on what comes next.

Each time you chose to use “I want to tell you…” and you pay it off, you build trust with the listener.

Don’t overuse it or abuse it. Always make it special.

Consider it another tool in your radio tool box.



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