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Larry Gifford LGMLarry Gifford Media is an international radio consulting firm with a two-pronged focus; radio station management consulting and talent coaching. Clients include personalities and small to large market news/talk, sports, and music radio stations from the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Japan, Sweden, and Dubai.

Stations that work with LGM receive customized and personalized services; strategic planning, brand development, talent development, leadership training, research analysis, marketing and promotion inspiration, talent workshops, and general guidance.

Individuals who contract with LGM receive personalize and customized talent coaching sessions, one-on-one training in storytelling, interviewing, topic development, teasing, writing and vocal performance, job hunting and networking insights, and career advice.



2015-03-17 15.31.16Larry Gifford is a mindful, conscious leader and a proven radio pro focused on respectful, effective leadership and creating positive, unique, compelling content for ears. He’s also a sought-after talent coach and conference speaker. His successes on-air and in management include experiences at ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, and news/talk/sports stations in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, Columbus and Dayton.

Larry’s personal mission is to  help lead radio and audio streams into the future with integrity and purpose.




  • 6 or 12 month consulting packages for radio groups, stations and individuals
  • One or two-day workshops; storytelling, social media, brand development & more
  • Special projects
  • Conference speaker
  • One time aircheck


Please contact LGM through the form below or call Larry directly 206-457-6565.


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