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Counting Down the Top Posts of 2013 #15 to #6

LGM 2013 count down

As the New Year approaches we continue the 2013 Count Down of the year’s top blog posts (#25 to #16 here). Interesting to note, one of the blog posts below (#12) was written and posted in October 2010, yet still gets tons of traffic each year.  Another  (#15) was posted in May 2012.

#15 Brock & Salk Turn a Battleground into Common Ground

Despite being posted in May 2012, this post detailing the relationship and partnership of Seattle sports talkers Brock Huard and Mike Salk was popular, because Salk left the show for a gig in Boston this year.

#14 Does Internet Radio Value Radio More Than Radio?

Observations of a radio guy seeing signs of how the internet has hi-jacked the brand of “radio” that the industry has developed and earned through decades of blood, sweat and tears of building relationships with listeners.

#13 Recipe for a Paula Deen Parody

Oh, Paula Deen…

#12 Look Who’s Talking: Jim Cutler

Profiling one of the best voice artists in the world.

#11 The Producer Game Is Changing

I offer a response to a host’s open letter in Talkers about his producer and I offer 20 Tips on being a more effective producer.

#10 For Different Results – Change

In the wake of my resignation from KIRO Radio, I offer some observations. “Too often, I hear employees (hosts, producers, board ops, etc) want more, expect more, and demand more, but are unwilling to change to get it. There’s an overwhelming sense of entitlement in our business from the newcomers to the veterans…”

#09 Arbitron Panelist,”F— this!”

Real audio from a real panelist fed up with PPM.

#08 Wanted: A Passionate Disruptor or a Computer Literate Promo Assistant

One reason why traditional radio stations are having trouble attracting young, creative talent.

#07 77 Websites for Radio Hosts, Producers, Anchors and Reporters

A growing list of must-bookmark websites.

#06 The Keys to Sports Radio Success

The inspiration for this comes from a sports radio chat on twitter (#srchat). The question — what are your biggest pet-peeves of sports talk radio? — was posed to everyone on the chat including special guest Clear Channel’s VP of Sports Bruce Gilbert. I’ve taken their answers and turned-them-inside-out like a secret decoder ring to unveil the keys to sports radio success.

The top 5 posts of 2013 will be unveiled next week!

Does Internet Radio Value Radio More Than Radio?

As “radio” attempts to “be everywhere” on all platforms, it is curious that internet radio is embracing the local brands and local content to reach the local listeners.


I saw this bus board while driving around the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. While non-radio folk may not realize it, this is a TuneIn ad campaign. The ad is selling TuneIn “The world’s radio from Seattle to Sydney” to Seattle residents by promoting the fact that you can listen to Seattle’s heritage news-talker KIRO Radio through TuneIn — presumably instead of on your terrestrial radio. Not of little significance, KIRO Radio fans are likely in their cars listening to the station or experiencing the station’s very cool app, while being told there’s a new? better? different? way to consume it.

It’s a smart play by TuneIn who can actually afford to buy outdoor campaigns unlike most radio stations not owned by Clear Channel these days. Leveraging the exposure of the local station’s logo is very important for TuneIn and very appealing to the station — it’s not unlike giving candy to a baby. Radio stations just need to understand a stomach ache may soon follow.

2013-07-08 16.23.26


Radio stations do not underestimate the value of your brand!

In my opinion, this definitely reinforces the power of the local brands in local communities. Services like TuneIn need these station’s dedicated, loyal, local listeners to build credibility, listening occasions, and drive awareness. Instantly, the association with stations like KIRO gives TuneIn a connection to a community and access to the trust and equity earned by the radio station which can be used to leverage the fan base into the digital platform to explore new, more, and different audio experiences. (Where do you supposed the time for all those new listening experiences comes from?)

Digital Platforms do not overestimate your relevance!

On the flipside, Clear Channel’s attempt to push “iHeart RADIO” on its outdoor campaigns in conjunction with local stations seems less impactful.

2013-07-09 08.34.37

This is KJR-FM‘s billboard a couple blocks away from where I saw the TuneIn bus board. Notice the bottom right corner tags iHeart RADIO and assumes people will know what that means. This is the equivalent of a “blink” in radio and is typically used for iconic brands. No offense, but iHeart RADIO doesn’t quite meet that threshold.

I heart

Don’t over-analyze, don’t close your eyes.

Internet radio services are quickly and intentionally blurring the lines between old and new radio and it’s to their advantage to do so.  Radio is sexy. Audio is stale. So, providers are trying to convince listeners that audio, regardless of how they consume it is “radio.” And it appears the radio industry is allowing these companies to leverage their heritage brands to do just that. Bully for them.

The radio landscape is evolving and changing each day. Many experts advise you to “be everywhere.” It’s not bad advice, just keep your eyes wide open, be intentional with your decisions to digitally distribute content, respect your listeners, and value the brand you’ve work so hard to build.

7/12/13 UPDATE: Listen to the discussion about this between Deb Slater and me on the Radio Stuff Podcast

Wanted: A Passionate Disruptor or a Computer Literate Promo Assistant

As you contemplate your future in radio, here are a few questions…

1. Do you want help shape the future of talk radio? — or schedule prize giveaways online?

2. Do you want to cultivate relationships and test new programs? — or Audit a site and notify OCD and PD of wasted content?

3. Do you want to work for a company that values your passion? — or your valid drivers license?

4. Which is more appealing — a) Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401k, EAP, Paid Vacation and Sick Leave or b) all of that, plus a fully stocked kitchen, company-catered lunches every Friday, a foosball table in our break room, and flexible working hours?

I came across the two ads below for online content managers this week and reading them shows the stark difference between terrestrial radio’s approach to digital and those companies looking to disrupt the industry. Clear Channel’s job description makes it sound more like a punishment, while Stitcher’s ad empowers and inspires. Clear Channel positions ‘online’ as part of promotions, while  Stitcher sees ‘online’ as content distribution (programming.) The goal here is not to pick on Clear Channel, this is however, representative of how most of terrestrial radio approaches these positions.


Online Content/Promotions Coordinator

Clear Channel Radio

Position: Online Content/Promotions Coordinator

Job Category:Web-site/Graphic Design & Promotions

Job Description:
Schedule prizes for on-air and on-line contests

Set up and maintain proper equipment for a live broadcasts and remotes
Assists in the coordination of remote equipment set-up and breakdown
The candidate will be responsible for updating our websites and assist our local program directors and advertising executives.
Physically maintain sites with daily updates
Prepare necessary graphic/files for site

Search and be proactive in the development of content for each website
Enter and update site content
Audit site and notify OCD and PD of wasted/duplicated content
Assists in scheduling ads on site and programs
Stream monitoring for quality, ad placement, etc…
Assist station personnel with maintaining various elements on sites (promotions calendar, personality pages, etc…)
Back up all sites during vacation and absence

Job Requirements:
Must be at least 18 years of age with a High School Diploma or GED
Must have a valid drivers license and clean driving record
Must be able to lift 50 lbs
Present a positive attitude at events
Qualified candidates should have strong HTML skills, a mastery of Adobe Photoshop, be organized, and a self starter.
The position requires working knowledge of website design, and development.
Working knowledge of Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator is a plus.

Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, 401k, EAP, Paid Vacation and Sick Leave
College degree preferred

 Job 2

Content Manager

Stitcher – San Francisco Bay Area

Job Description

Want to help shape the future of talk radio? Work with both the people, who are creating the content and creating the technology, that’s changing the industry. We’re looking for an exceptional content manager to join the Stitcher team.

The ideal candidate has a knowledge and passion for emerging media. You’ll support and cultivate relationships with content partners from radio, comedy, education, sports, news and more. You will identify opportunities and growth initiatives for partnerships and test and execute new and existing programs.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supporting business partnerships with key players in the talk radio/podcast industry.
  • Programming new shows and maintaining Stitcher’s stations.
  • Working closely with partners to optimize relationships.
  • Monitoring and communicating internal & external insights.
  • Working closely with the Growth team on structuring and fulfill partnership initiatives.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Required skills & experience:
  • Demonstrated account management experience.
  • Experience working in radio, news, comedy, or similar category.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills.
  • Self-motivated and results-oriented.
  • Ability to maintain and excel with multiple priorities and adapt in a quickly evolving environment.
  • 2+ years of experience in a related role.
  • BA/BS required.

Company Description

Stitcher is reinventing radio as we know it, bringing the best of on demand audio content to listeners everywhere. Stream the latest in news, sports, talk, and entertainment to your mobile device anytime, anywhere. Stitcher is the easiest way to discover the best of over 15,000+ on-demand shows and live stations, with customized recommendations based on your listening activity. Stitcher is integrated with Ford, GM, Mercedes and BMW vehicles and has been downloaded over 9 million times.

Stitcher is located in the heart of San Francisco’s SOMA district and is backed by top-tier investors, including Benchmark Capital and NEA.  Stitcher has a great team and is looking for people who are excited to change the future of radio.

We offer medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and commuter benefits. Other perks include: a fully stocked kitchen, company-catered lunches every Friday, a foosball table in our break room, and flexible working hours.

Stitcher, Inc. is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. If you have an interest in being part of a fun and exciting team, please send an e-mail with your resume and cover letter to

So, which job is likely to attract the better, more qualified candidate who will make a difference in the company and be personally fulfilled?