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Are You A Host or Personality?


There are a lot of “hosts” on radio and some of them are very good. They do the basics well, they talk about the right stories, they are likeable, and they never embarrass themselves or their bosses.

CBS Radio Programming VP Bruce Gilbert says, “Being a good host is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you really want to make huge money, cut through and achieve significant ratings you must advance from “host” to “personality.”

Gilbert admits the true radio personality is rare and exceptional. He created this chart to demonstrate the subtle but important distinctions and has graciously agreed to share it with us all.

Knows the Science of Radio vs Knows the Art of Radio
Wooden vs Animated
Harsh & Pretentious vs Self-Deprecating (imperfect, human, lives life)
Wrecking Ball vs Architect
Plain vs Real, Genuine
Announcer vs Seller
Sprinter vs Marathoner
Reads Stories vs Tells Stories
Rehearsed vs Real
Know More Than You vs Never Assumes They Know More Than You
Meander vs Always Knows Where They Are Going
Copycat vs Original
In Hurry vs Develops Over Time
Safe vs Uncomfortable
Shallow vs Deep
Always Goes With First Thought vs Always Explores New Angles

A good personality will generate complaint calls to your office, fans will call for him to be fired, he/she will make you nervous or uncomfortable from time to time, and you will have to protect them. He/she also will increase your station’s ratings and revenue.