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2015 Top 5 Posts

You made 2015 the biggest year yet for this little blog. Thank you. The Top 5 posts of the year are listed below.

#5. “The Controversy of Making Radio Sausage.”  My take on a country radio consultant who cautioned programmers against playing too many female country artists. It got ugly.

#4. “Eight ingredients of Remarkable Radio Shows.” Bean from KROQ’s Kevin & Bean, BJ Shea from Seattle’s KISW and Tom Leykis are among the talent offering insights in this post.

#3. “Seven Ingredients of Great Radio Talent.” The recipe for being a great talent on radio is really a witch’s brew; a pinch of this and a touch of that. Everyone I talk to seems to have a bit of the trade secret to share, but tragically there is no mysterious vault where the “great talent formula” is locked-up. From my experience at least some of it is gut instinct, DNA-related, or luck.

But, we do have the start of a recipe thanks to some heavy-hitters in the radio world who’ve been gracious to give time and insight to the Radio Stuff Podcast. So, here is the start of a winning blueprint for being a great talent.

#2. “Logo Confusion.” This was inspired by a trip to Vancouver in August and a night watching Canadian football.

Patrick v Cowherd 3The #1 post this year was “The Real Difference Between Colin Cowherd and Dan Patrick.” I wrote it back in February when a feud between the two hosts was heating up. It quickly became the most popular post ever on LarryGifford.com

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